How Your Health Can Benefit By Vaping – Who Knew?!

Who would ever think there are so many benefits to be had from just one electronic cigarette, especially after hearing all the bad things that experts have to say. There are endless controversies when the word vaping is mentioned.

Vaping – a single word, endless controversies. Some say that traditional cigarette smoking and vaping are one in the same. Then there are those that say there are definite differences with vaping be the healthiest of the two.

Should vaping be compared to traditional smoking with the goal of proving one is better than the other? When it comes to a smoker’s health, making a comparison of the contrast between smoking to vaping it is important.

However, when it comes down to it, the research on vaping is nothing compared to the research on traditional cigarettes. And the speed that misinformation travels is fast and tends to stick around longer. Until vaping is more thoroughly researched and studied, and more the public is better educated, this will be how it is.

Read on and discover the benefits vaping provides for your overall health. It has been proven vaping isn’t as harmful, cultural, economic spheres, and sociopolitical are all impacted positively by vaping.

The Benefits

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),tobacco use is related to six million people each year. It has been estimated that by 2030, that is going to reach eight million. What makes these number so shocking is that of all the causes of death that we could face today, death from tobacco use has the highest possibility of being prevented!

However, even though vaping has not been officially defined as an aid to help people quit smoking, it has been associated with decreasing the number of people who smoke. Still, all things vape related, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, the juice, and the pends aren’t officially considered tools.

Why? Perhaps because a balanced and smooth transition is offered by vaping because the user can control the amount of nicotine they consume?  With e-juices coming in tobacco flavors, vapors are able to keep their intake of tobacco flavor with the smoke and without the tar that traditional cigarettes offer.

The Benefits Socio-politically

Vaping is constantly fighting injustice it seems. Too many people are still ignorant to the health benefits offered by vaping, thus the impact it has on us socio-politically. Today, vaping is more of a cultural discourse than a subcultural phenomenon that it has been. There are many events and festivals centered around vaping, indicating that vaping has a means of expression. Additionally, vaping initiates socialization, an important benefit that should be noted, by bringing people that are likeminded together with vapers. They compare and discuss the assorted products for vaping and this keeps them separate from tobacco smoke and that fight to quit smoking.

Regarding vaping and our youth, the warnings from the Surgeon General are stern in the fact that the youth are just as likely to use electronic cigarettes with traditional products meant for them as they are for smoking marijuana. What the Surgeon General doesn’t tell us is that less kids are being exposed to the smoke from traditional tobacco, thus less likely to become smokers.

Because of the attention that government officials and lawmakers have brought to vaping, making smoking and vaping equal, vaping has become a political issue. Vapers are educating themselves more on electronic cigarettes and vaping, learning the laws, prohibition, and restrictions so they can fight for their rights better.

The Economic Benefits

A smoker will spend around $8,000 annually on their passion. This doesn’t include their cost of health care and insurances. Vaping, on the other hand, has proven to be more cost effective if you stay within the basics. The passionate vaper could spend more if they get extravagant with the gear and the supplies. However, dollar for dollar, they are still coming up around $200 ahead of a traditional cigarette smoker.

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