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Are you planning to quit smoking? If so, the use of electronic cigarette is a great alternative for you to lose the habit of cigarette smoking gradually. Its chances of reducing your risk to diseases and illnesses vary as to how you’re training yourself to become a smoke-free person fully.

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Cancer Research UK Recommends Vaping For Mental Health Patients

cancer research ukA statement recently released by Cancer Research UK and 11 other charities urges health authorities to encourage mental health patients to embrace the idea of vaping in an attempt to quit their smoking habit. The group produced a statement regarding e-cig use laying out the facts that those who are struggling with mental health problems are around twice as likely to become smokers, and then to further struggle when wanting to quit. Quit rates among these patients have flatlined over the last few years, and smoking is one of the main contributing factors responsible for people in this group dying at a younger age than the rest of the population, and often up to 20 years earlier.

Enabling E-Cig Use To Improve Health

The co-chair of the group partnership, Professor Ann McNeill, stated that e-cigarettes were able to offer these people a new opportunity to stop smoking and thus avoid the disease and early death that the habit causes, especially for those who have been unable to quit despite using the other available methods. The mission of this statement is to encourage mental health authorities to offer vaping as a legitimate quitting option across all of their mental health settings, and by offering access to e-cigarette reviews and other helpful information, health providers can facilitate making the switch from tobacco.

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The Principles Put Forward By The Group

The group have put together a set of principles designed for support staff and health professionals in mental health settings, putting forward the following points:

An effective service to help people to stop smoking is essential to public health, and those who suffer from mental health problems should be equally able to access these services.

Smoking is still a key part of the culture in most mental health settings, and this makes quitting more challenging. Implementing a smoke free policy is an important way of changing this culture and more staff training is important to support mental health patients effectively to quit the habit.

Information regarding the use of e-cigs should be a key part of the care package offered to mental health patients who are also smokers. This advice should cite evidence to show that e-cigarettes are healthier than tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes should also be used together with other options such as bupropion, NR and Varenicline for those who require extra help.

Health authorities should be aware that there isn’t any evidence at the present time to show that second hand vapour can cause health problems to non-vapers.

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Health authorities should enable smokers to switch to vaping by making it an easier option. Vapers should not have to vape in the same area as smokers since this could harm their efforts to stay smoke free.

Policies regarding e-cig usage in health facilities should be clearly communicated to visitors, patients and staff.

If mental health providers operate a retail outlet, they should make e-cigs available for sale to make them more accessible.

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Options Between The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Cigarettes

The alternative way to be free from smoking cigarettes is mainly analyzed due to some reports of its harmful containing ingredients. However, this has also found to be helpful for many individuals who think that vaping is a good choice rather than to smoke a cigarette that can eventually cause diseases and illnesses.

During 2006 was the hit of electronic cigarettes in the market and its sales have indeed skyrocketed from billions worth of money. The estimated e-cigarette users were about 4 million and so; this means that investing it as a business made thousands of people gain its profits. Most likely, there are some believes that the use of electronic cigarettes is safe and can be a potential solution for those who are addicted to nicotine and tobacco.

Knowing its pros cons can help you decide which ones are best fitted as your final decision. Here are the following pros and cons to better weigh your options.


E-cigarettes contain nicotine- this ingredient alters the mood of puffing out real cigarettes. Compare this to tobacco which contains high levels of tar and other toxic chemicals that are harmful and a high-risk contribution to cause cancer, lung problems, and heart diseases.

It comes in different flavors- while some would say that it has a variation of nicotine level, some e-cigarettes don’t contain nicotine. Those that you can purchase with flavors and organic are better. Make sure that you’re reading labels before any purchase.

It has helped improved many lives- it has helped a lot of people to solve their smoking issues. It became a choice for those people who are excessive smokers. The risk of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is lowered due to the use of e-cigarettes. It provides and mimics the sensation to smoke. Another factor is that it also improves the environment. While tobacco is hard to remove from the air, the vapor of an electronic cigarette eventually evaporates into thin air leaving no risk to the environment.

It is more cost-effective- if you are to calculate the number of times you have spent your money every week in buying a pack of cigarette that means you have just wasted your cash instead of saving it. Whereas with an electronic cigarette and its accessories, you’re only going to spend an amount for an e-juice to vape.

No emission of second-hand smoking- the good thing with vaping is that you don’t have to smell the burnt tar, nicotine and other toxins that a tobacco cigarette have. You will only smell the flavor of an electronic liquid.


No long-term studies are showing that electronic cigarette is safe and it might be a potential health risk problem. Since this is still in the market, most new users are not savvy enough to dig into the details because electronic cigarettes are still on trend.

Most of the nicotine-containing substances are addictive, and individuals who are using e-cigarettes at an early age may develop an addiction to the usage of e-cigarette.

It does not come from the same manufacturer and distributor, so this can be risky as anyone can produce such electronic liquids and gadget.

There is no sales restriction which might cause selling to minors and may be the reason or trigger for smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Now that you have the pros and cons of an electronic cigarette, it’s about time that you weigh your options as to which are a better thing for you to do. There are hundreds of ways for you to eliminate smoking in your routine. If you consider electronic cigarette as a solution, It is best that you do more research before any purchase.

The Benefits, Dangers, Health Concerns About Vaping

electronic-cigarettes-by-numbers-infographicWhat came to mind the first time you saw somebody standing on a street corner vaping? Was it something that looked cool to you or were you curious? Then when you noticed actors and entertainers vaping, did it change your opinion? Does seeing others vaping make you want to give it a try, even if you don’t smoke?

Experts will tell you that for certain, seeing famous people vaping has made it even more popular than it would have been if only the average Joe was vaping. But, as vaping popularity grows, so the laws and restrictions. Some of the same laws for traditional cigarettes no apply to electronic cigarettes, such as minimum age allowed to purchase.

And the flavored liquids that are available for e-cigs, and there are many, is drawing the attention of teenagers and younger children. After all, it smells like candy, surely it tastes like candy too, right?  Of course not, but that is a child or teen’s logic and when paired with the it “looks cool”, they are going to want to at least try it.

Is The Vape Culture A Social Warzone?

Everything in everyday life is affected by social media today. From the fun and happy times to social issues and for certain, vaping, are all on social media, such as Facebook. Over the past few years, vaping has grown from only a few hundred people to 1000s vaping all around the universe.

Facebook had vaping group pages, but because of the negativity that comes with vaping, the powers there have cracked down on the groups. However, on Facebook, there is CASSA, a group with a membership of 1000 that are dedicated to eliminating those bans, educate the general public, and educate lawmakers as well.

Vaping Expansion is Happening

Because there is a “certain” type of people that vape, like there are certain types that attend Comic Con, muscle car show, or the rodeo, there is a convention for vapors too.  In cities across the country, there are 1000s that attend the Electronic Cigarette Convention and Vapefest. Another popular convention is held in California, The International Cloud Championships and in Las Vegas, there is the World Series of Vape.

Defining Vaping

So, we have discussed the pros and cons of vaping and the social admiration or social stigma of vaping. But what exactly is vaping? The first thing anyone considering taking up vaping should now is that there is more than one type of vaporizer. Vaping is inhaling water vapor from an electronic cigarette.

There is a flavored e-liquid inside the vape device that is a gaseous form that can have a varying amount of nicotine. One thing you’ll notice different about traditional cigarette smoking and vaping is that the vaper is thick and has an aroma that comes from the e-liquid.

Is Vaping Harmful – The Great Debate

The debate about vaping is on-going and as it grows in popularity, the more debate there is, or so it seems. Is vaping a harmless solution for those trying to kick their nicotine addiction?

There has been much research and many studies done to determine this, and that research and studying is still in process.

One three-month study with 2,100 participants for 30 days found that just over 30% of the participants used vaping to quit smoking. And interesting note regarding the test was the follow-up afterward found that those that went to vaping made a bigger effort to quit their nicotine addiction than those that didn’t use vaporizers.

When it came to the bank account, those that switched to vaping from traditional cigarettes found that it saved them money. While the starter kit can be a small investment, supplying it with batteries and e-liquids are less expensive than buying pack after pack of traditional cigarettes. Vaping also saves money on auto, health, and home insurance as smokers have a greater risk to insurance companies.

How Your Health Can Benefit By Vaping – Who Knew?!

Who would ever think there are so many benefits to be had from just one electronic cigarette, especially after hearing all the bad things that experts have to say. There are endless controversies when the word vaping is mentioned.

Vaping – a single word, endless controversies. Some say that traditional cigarette smoking and vaping are one in the same. Then there are those that say there are definite differences with vaping be the healthiest of the two.

Should vaping be compared to traditional smoking with the goal of proving one is better than the other? When it comes to a smoker’s health, making a comparison of the contrast between smoking to vaping it is important.

However, when it comes down to it, the research on vaping is nothing compared to the research on traditional cigarettes. And the speed that misinformation travels is fast and tends to stick around longer. Until vaping is more thoroughly researched and studied, and more the public is better educated, this will be how it is.

Read on and discover the benefits vaping provides for your overall health. It has been proven vaping isn’t as harmful, cultural, economic spheres, and sociopolitical are all impacted positively by vaping.

The Benefits

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),tobacco use is related to six million people each year. It has been estimated that by 2030, that is going to reach eight million. What makes these number so shocking is that of all the causes of death that we could face today, death from tobacco use has the highest possibility of being prevented!

However, even though vaping has not been officially defined as an aid to help people quit smoking, it has been associated with decreasing the number of people who smoke. Still, all things vape related, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, the juice, and the pends aren’t officially considered tools.

Why? Perhaps because a balanced and smooth transition is offered by vaping because the user can control the amount of nicotine they consume?  With e-juices coming in tobacco flavors, vapors are able to keep their intake of tobacco flavor with the smoke and without the tar that traditional cigarettes offer.

The Benefits Socio-politically

Vaping is constantly fighting injustice it seems. Too many people are still ignorant to the health benefits offered by vaping, thus the impact it has on us socio-politically. Today, vaping is more of a cultural discourse than a subcultural phenomenon that it has been. There are many events and festivals centered around vaping, indicating that vaping has a means of expression. Additionally, vaping initiates socialization, an important benefit that should be noted, by bringing people that are likeminded together with vapers. They compare and discuss the assorted products for vaping and this keeps them separate from tobacco smoke and that fight to quit smoking.

Regarding vaping and our youth, the warnings from the Surgeon General are stern in the fact that the youth are just as likely to use electronic cigarettes with traditional products meant for them as they are for smoking marijuana. What the Surgeon General doesn’t tell us is that less kids are being exposed to the smoke from traditional tobacco, thus less likely to become smokers.

Because of the attention that government officials and lawmakers have brought to vaping, making smoking and vaping equal, vaping has become a political issue. Vapers are educating themselves more on electronic cigarettes and vaping, learning the laws, prohibition, and restrictions so they can fight for their rights better.

The Economic Benefits

A smoker will spend around $8,000 annually on their passion. This doesn’t include their cost of health care and insurances. Vaping, on the other hand, has proven to be more cost effective if you stay within the basics. The passionate vaper could spend more if they get extravagant with the gear and the supplies. However, dollar for dollar, they are still coming up around $200 ahead of a traditional cigarette smoker.

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